Earth is the third planet from the sun, the only known planet to support life, and our home planet overall. Earth formed about 4.54 billion years ago, and life surfaced within a billion years of Earth's creation.

The creation of Earth in the BibleEdit

There are many different stories in different religions, don't delete or critisize someone's religion.

In the bible, Earth was created by God on the very first day of creation. God then created all life, along with Humans. In the bible, the first humans were Adam & Eve. God allowed Adam and Eve in his garden and let them eat all they needed, as long as the didn't eat from the Tree of Knowledge. A talking snake tricked Adam and Eve into eating the fruit, and God soon noticed a change in their personalities. God then banned Adam and Eve from the garden, and punished Eve by giving her the pain of birth.

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The creation of earth in scienceEdit

In science, Earth and the solar system formed from a supernova billions of years ago. In the beginning of Earth's history, Earth was a very hostile world. Earth was molten lava and blazing hot, and no moon was present. Earth had 4 hour days and nights. It is unknown exactly how our moon formed, but there are two main theories- a very large object crashed into Earth, knocking debris into space, creating ring around Earth that clumped together, forming the moon. Or, that a piece of Earth randomly broke off and rounded, forming our moon. The moon helped stabilize Earth, making the days longer, and stabilized Earth in general.

Notable Terra FeaturesEdit

Mt. Everest

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